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Amadou BahVandaag kregen wij onderstaand bericht uit Gambia van Amadou Bah.

Amadou Bah is naast coördinator van het drinkwater project Sare Gumalo ook journalist voor Radio Gambia.

Dear Maurice Nabuurs & Albert Kooimans,

Warm regards from Sare Gumalo, Banjul, The Gambia. How are you and your families? I trust everything is going on well with you all.

First and foremost thank you very much for choosing to work with Cor de Bresser ( a philanthropist per excellence!) to make a difference in the lives of Gambians and the community of Sare Gumalo and environs in particular. I can tell you that you are planning to commit your time, resources and energy for a very worthwhile project.

I am the Coordinator of the Sare Gumalo Water Project. Sare Gumalo is my ancestral village. It is the birth place of my late father. My grandfather was the village head for many years until his death in January 1986.

My mother is also a native of Nyiribakoyoya, another beneficiary of the water project. My grandmother (my mums mother) was also born in Lalia, another beneficiary of the project. So, you can see for yourself, my connection with the community. I currently live in the urban area (around Banjul) due to my official work as a broadcast journalist working with the sate radio & TV service but I am in the village at least once every two month.

So, you asked about the current situation on the ground. As you may know, three communities stand to benefit from this project. There are poor people who have been battling with shortage of clean water for domestic use for some time now. The hand pumps at these villages ceased to function due to lack of spare parts as the wells were provided by a German funded project in the 1980s. So, it was decided that a solar powered bore hole be provided to cater for all the three villages. I developed the project proposal with the support of Cor.

In 2010, Cor the Bresser and some other generous people from both Holland and Belgium started funding the water project. Unfortunately, just one month after the commencement of the project, I left for the UK for an MA in Broadcast Journalism course. I handed over to my brothers to oversee the execution of the project. Unfortunately, they were complacent and the contractor defaulted and did a very bad job. So he was arrested by the police and he then undertook a commitment that he was going to re-do the job. He failed to honour his pledge. So, when I returned last year, I took up the issue. I explored all options to correct the problem. First, we wanted an out of court settlement with him but it did not work.

So, at the begging of May, 2013 with the authority of the beneficiary communities, I sued him at the Industrial tribunal and the hearing is in progress. We were in court last week and the next hearing is on July 4, 2013. We are very optimistic that the case will be accomplished before September this year.

Given the fact that Cor and his colleagues have already spent a lot of money on this project coupled with the hardship the target beneficiaries are enduring all these year, I am indeed pleased to know that you people are also ready to come on board to help us complete this project. Be rest assured that the funds wasted by the contractor would be recovered but they would not be enough to complete the project. This is why your participation and contribution is highly laudable and welcomed.

We therefore look forward to receiving you in October. In the same vein, we would also like you to kindly support Cor in mobilizing resources over there in support of this very important project.

I hope I have answered your questions. Please fill free to get in touch at any time.

Have a great day.


Amadou Bah

Coordinator, Sare Gumalo Water Project
(Radio Journalist – Radio Gambia)

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